about michelle

DSCN1664My interest in wanting to provide space to assist others in navigating and healing the pieces of their lives initially led me to earn a B.S in Education from Ohio State University.   My continued interest in self-healing has driven my 22 years of study with a spiritual master and coach from the Wellspring Transformational Center.   My spiritual and healing passions led me to become a certified Absolute Balanced Mastery Energy worker as well as a Reiki II Practitioner.  The latest piece of training, which provides a study-backed process of change, is in Integrative Health Coaching from Duke Integrative Medicine.  I am now a Certified Practitioner.

I believe that healing and wholeness are a human and Divine endeavor.  The journey to greater well being takes both grit and commitment as well as surrender to the Divine Miracle.  Through the act of allowing presence and being in the moment, the common-place turns into a Divine “aha” that provides the next step.  From commitment to the next step, change happens.  It takes courage to engage with one’s life.  As a health coach, it is an honor to partner with those desiring to get down into the rewarding work of self-care.

My journey continues in Cary, North Carolina where I live with my amazing husband and children.  Through each of them I experience the Divine in every day human moments. Their wisdom and love nourish me and make my life full.  Other life enjoyments include hiking, running, reading, being at the ocean with my family, delving deeper into intimacy with my husband, and opening to embodying this Life more fully.