As an Integrative Health Coach, I acknowledge that health and well being are insuperable from every aspect of life. Together, we look at such aspects as physical environment, relationships, spirituality, profession, nutrition, exercise and rest to gain a sense of what is supporting and nourishing you and what isn’t.  I ask you to create a vision of your heartfelt well being and passion that you want to move towards. From there, you choose a focus from an area in your life you would like to make a change.  The possibilities are endless. You may choose to expand into new activities or behaviors.  You may choose to end or limit  an activity or behavior that you feel no longer supports you.  You are the director of what you want to change and the pace.  I am the support team.  I hold the process that will help you navigate obstacles and create doable actions steps.  It is my honor to partner with you to hold the space for positive movement, change, and healing.   As a coach, it is my intent to create a sacred container in which personal understanding is fostered, as well as, an alignment with and allowance of a greater sense of well being.