The process of creating a desirable change takes an investment of time and energy.  In order to achieve sustainable change, a succession of sessions is typically most beneficial. An initial exploration with a period of time to allow for action and integration are followed by successive sessions that include reassessment with further action and integration. I offer a package to assist those who prefer packages as a means to make a commitment to themselves. However, I also do individual sessions followed by additional sessions as initiated by the client.

Client Initiated Support:

  • Hourly sessions, ranging from 1-2 hours, to support personal work and change
  • $65 per hour

 Committed Package:

  • Initial exploration session (90 minutes)
  • 6 (1 hour) sessions spaced weekly, every other week or montly per client choice
  • between sessions homework
  • email and text support as needed
  • $450

Complimentary Coaching Consultation

  • free 20 min consultation in order to discover if my coaching is a fit for you

Coaching is done via teleconferencing.  Payment is accepted via check.  Payment is expected prior to start of Committed Package. Payment for individual sessions is accepted post session. Please contact me if you have any questions.