Your life is its own landscape:

 uniquely shaped by your needs, values, beliefs and choices. 

We each may feel like parts of our life have resulted from living on automatic-pilot.  Going unnoticed or untended, an area of our life may not look anything like we originally intended.  Or with dismay we may notice weeds taking over, choking the life force of that which we really wanted to blossom. Other areas of our life are cultivated with conscious care, bearing fulfilling fruit that nurture us and propagate our wellbeing.  We all have areas that may not be so rewarding to tend or just downright unpleasant and hard. Other areas of our life naturally thrive as a result of our loving and enjoying them.

Conscious choices and unconscious choices shape our lives.  We have the gift of looking at our lives and reshaping any part of it, or at the very least how we interact with it.  The landscape of our lives needs tending because we change.  At anytime, an area of our lives may need to shift in order to better fit the needs of now or who we are now.  Furthermore, our lives are so expansive each area can’t help but be tended with various degrees of attention.  While we attentively care for one area, another area may start to get overgrown, grow some weeds, or be under-nourished.  Thus, we shift our focus from one area to another as the need or desire calls to us.

If you were to look at your life as though you are the landscaper, the one who has the power to shape it, are there changes you would make in how you tend your life and in what area specifically?

As an Integrative health coach, I work with people who desire to look at the landscape of their life, to really get a comprehensive picture, and then discern what is really creating wellbeing in their life and what isn’t.  Sometimes it is easier with a partner to set aside the time to evaluate one’s life; to negotiate tending those untamed areas; or to redesign an aspect entirely.

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